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Posting – Solexel – Multiple Job Openings


Solexel – Multiple Job Openings


Multiple Job Openings in Milpitas: Clear Room Operators Solexel is a manufacturer of Solar Cell Panels Milpitas, CA


Full –Time

$15-17 per hour DOE

We are looking for several positions in a clean room environment to build high efficiency solar cell modules We have multiple opportunities! We currently have day shifts, swing shift and a few graveyard shifts. These are full time positions.


Our job description follows:

  1. 1. Wet etch process experience meaning someone that had experienced working with chemicals and solvents (and familiar with SDS (safety data sheets), PPE(person protective equipment- gloves, safety glasses, aprons- typical lab wear) and familiar with working in a laboratory environment).
  2. 2. Good hand/eye coordination and ability to train them in working with Silicon wafers using vacuum wand, tweezers, wafer transfers and cassettes.
  3. 3. Literate on compu Ability to enter data into pre-structured Excel worksheets; comfortable with starting up PC and finding files on a network.
  4. 4. Can lift at least 30
  5. 5. Can work flexible hours ,working frequent overtime not an issue. 6. Team oriented
  6. 7. Knows basic math, can speak English. A plus would be some basic statistics background. 8. Ability to read and follow written directions in both text and flowchart form.
  7. 9. Good Reasoning and Problem Solving Skills
  8. 10. And finally, we have one operation that need a special requiremen They must be flexible enough to handle moving pallets of materials with bearing weights of about 30 pounds.


For more information on the company please access the link to watch video http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=solexel+video&FORM=HDRSC3#view=detail&mid=75C53 B9763CD7090573175C53B9763CD70905731


To apply, email your resume to both Richard Morley [email protected]olexel.com, Saeid Jaberi [email protected]

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