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Executive Director

José R. Rivera has worked in operations in the for-profit and non-profit worlds for over 25 years, having held field, staff, executive, and consulting positions in various organizations during that time. He has been a trusted right-hand to three chief executive officers in industries ranging from high-tech to environmental services and has fostered significant improvements in multiple companies in the areas of customer service, operational efficiency, strategic partnerships, increased market share, customer satisfaction, organizational teamwork, business negotiations, conflict management, and quality control. Past clients include Auspex Systems, Citicorp, the Government of Puerto Rico, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, KLA Instruments, LAM Research, Quantum, Sequent Computer, The Silicon Valley Business Development Corporation, and Sun Microsystems.

Mr. Rivera has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, both from Northeastern University in Boston. With a rich history in non-profit management, he has worked in support of causes ranging from education, the arts, and foundation giving, to government, serving in the capacity of executive director, board member and individual contributor. For twelve years, he provided instruction to individuals transitioning to the role of entrepreneur and supported maximizing independence among disadvantaged children by growing and scaling an educational start-up, achieving profound success in areas where other systems had failed to produce a positive result. Having served as both an interim CEO and COO for a major venture philanthropic organization in the Bay Area, José has mentored founders of small and midsize companies alike, supporting them with business and strategic planning services. He has previously advised non-profit organizations and continues to mentor minority students.

Mr. Rivera joined the work2future Foundation after having been the executive director at Stagebridge, the oldest performing arts entity in the nation for older adults and a leader in inter-generational literacy programs, providing program services to undeserved schools. He is co-author of a workbook for entrepreneurship used in various colleges and universities in Puerto Rico. A former professional theater and film producer, screenwriter and classical pianist, José has resided in Albany, CA for nearly three decades.