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Career Assessments

work2future Foundation offers Career Assessments and Career Exploration Tools.

career-assessmentsCareer assessments are tools that are designed to help job seekers understand how a variety of personal attributes (i.e., interests, values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes and skills), impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments. Career assessments play a critical role in career development and job searching. Listed below are the career assessments currently offered by the work2future Foundation.

Jung Typology Assessment

This is an assessment of personality type (or “preferences”). The test results reveal 16 different and distinct personality preferences. This test can be debriefed by an instructor and some debriefing and list of corresponding job titles to personality type can be found on www.truity.com/view/types.

O*NET Skills Profiler Assessment

A transferable skills profiler that generates hundreds of job titles on the O*NET.

O*NET Interest Profiler Assessment

Identifies clients as three top scores of:

  • R = Realistic
  • I = Investigative
  • A = Artistic
  • S = Social
  • E = Enterprising
  • C = Conventional

Job titles generated by this exercise can be debriefed and researched directly on the O*NET www.onetonline.org.

This test is sometimes referred to as the RIASEC test and sometimes as John Holland’s Self-Directed Search. It also uses the same nomenclature as the Strong interest test. The same results from a similar assessment can also be found at www.cacareerzone.org.

Two advantages of this assessment are that it is widely used and verified to be valid and reliable and the websites listed above are free to use.
NOTE: If computers are not available for the RIASEC test, there are classroom exercises that can help the students self-identify their RIASEC score.

O*NET Values Profiler Assessment

The O*NET Values profiler assessment covers six different factors that influence the person’s preferences for an emotionally satisfying workplace. These six factors are: Relationships, Achievement, Recognition, Support, and Work conditions. This assessment can help clients back up their interest and skills results and help them prioritize their needs and desires for a work environment that would be emotionally satisfying to them.

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