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Outplacement Services

Perhaps you are finding that your current workforce is too large. What are your options for downsizing? We can help you think through all the issues and arrange the logistics of workforce reduction.  Our Outplacement Services include:

Layoff Aversion

If a local business is experiencing difficult times, and is considering mass layoffs or closures, our Outplacement staff is able to provide various forms of assistance, including exploring mechanisms that will allow the business to avoid layoffs.

Working in tandem with economic development specialists, our Outplacement staff seeks to use tax credits, enterprise zone vouchers, information on loans and business incentive programs, business consultants, and acquisition of additional lands, etc.  For more information, contact your local America’s Job Center.

Rapid Response Program

The Rapid Response Program enables experienced staff to respond to layoffs and plant closings by quickly coordinating services and providing immediate aid to affected companies and their workers.  By inviting the Rapid Response Unit to meet with affected workers prior to the layoff, employees are able to access programs and services quickly, which assists them as they transition through that difficult time.

Rapid Response benefits the employer as well, improving overall worker morale which in turn results in a more positive working environment for all employees, enabling production levels to be maintained.

Early intervention plays an important role in dislocated worker programs.  It can be the key to a worker’s transition to new employment.

Layoff Consultation

Our outplacement team works with employers—confidentially—while plans for workforce reduction are in process.  We can help to assess whether there might be alternatives to workforce reduction that could be considered.  We can also help a business find its way through government-sponsored programs and regulations.

Transitional Services

Should a layoff be unavoidable, work2future can provide timely and effective response to assist employees in transitioning out.  Services include:

  • On-site presentations to explain One-Stop services
  • Establishment of an on-site career transition center
  • Coordination of One-Stop services with outplacement firms
  • Coaching and support to workers as they take steps toward new employment
  • Consultation to businesses experiencing company closures

For further assistance, you may also contact BJ Sims, work2future Business Services Manager at 877.880.1222 or visit www.businessownerspace.com.