/ San José Financial Empowerment Initiative

San José Financial Empowerment Initiative

The Financial Empowerment Initiative of the City of San José (FEISJ) aims to increase the capacity of low-to-moderate income residents in San José to better understand their financial choices and to act on those choices in ways that will enhance their financial health and well-being. We are currently working on developing a comprehensive initiative that will positively impact the lives of many of our low-to-moderate income residents through financial education, access to “safe” or fee-less accounts and one-on-one financial counseling/coaching. Additionally, the FEISJ aims to compliment the work of many community based organization that are already leading this type of work in the financial empowerment field.

From the onset, the SJFEI has had support from the office San José City Mayor Sam Liccardo and the City of San José’s Office of Economic Development as well as strong seed funding from Citi Community Development and Cities for Financial Empowerment. In the initiative’s initial weeks, a strong advisory group was engaged and assembled by recruiting representatives from financial institutions, community and corporate foundations, City of San José as well as community stakeholders and experts in the financial empowerment field.

Vast and thorough research was conducted in the planning for this initiative and that research has culminated in this White Paper. In it you will read how this initiative was conceived, later formulated and financially supported as well as the details on initiative’s three phases and how to partner.

Three Phases of Empowerment

  • Spring – Summer 2016:  San José Works 2.0 Summer Employment Program
  • Fall 2016 – Summer 2017: Integration within City of San José and expansion with Community Based Organizations
  • Winter 2018:  Evaluation and recommendations for scaling-up

How to Get Involved

  • Be an advocate
  • Become an employer partner
  • Provide financial support
  • Sponsor a neighborhood FEISJ coaching center

Download the Financial Empowerment Initiative of the City of San José White Paper 2016FEISJWhitePaper

Click here to download the Financial Empowerment Initiative of San José White Paper.